Step by step instructions for preparing new window glazing

Let me start by calling attention to this in case the panes are large, at this point you need to completely erase the window outline and place it in a flat area before expelling the stale glass or try to insert a new glass.

At this point, rinse the damaged glass. Be very careful here, broken glass can be painful ( The best way to protect yourself from any damage is to wear work gloves. Basically, I shoot each dashing piece in turn. You also need to flush out the old clay to prepare the case for another glass.

We present to you the new glass

Simply include the replacement glass in the case. You may need to cut it to size with a glass forming tool if it does not fit well ( The new page should be 1 inch smaller than the area of ​​the window to be filled. Press down firmly on the window sash while incorporating it into the edge.

Continue to hold the paper in place while glazing on each side to secure the paper setting ( You just need to make the foci of this glass (spaced about 4 inches apart) that require limited pressure to combine. You may need to apply a coat of linseed oil to all parts of the wood around the edge.

After allowing the oil to penetrate, you can then apply a thin layer of clay. Place it around the edge where the new glass will be incorporated. Work the clay and place it on the window and smooth it with a brush or blade.